Lemon Chicken Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Having just sold our place, we are currently in between homes and living in a short term rental for 2.5 months while we finalize the deal on our new place and renovate.  The rental we’re staying in is very nice and brand new.  It’s also very small.  The kitchen, in particular, is tiny.  Like a half sink, mini fridge, no oven, and only two burners kind of tiny.  With limited kitchen resources it would be easy to just continue getting takeout, but after about nine straight days of that, I had to start cooking.  I needed “real” food.  Neither my wallet nor the regular strength zipper on my jeans could handle any more takeout.

Since we’re still weaving through boxes and getting the hang of this mini kitchen situation (my kitch sitch ha!), I decided to keep my first meal simple.  Grilled lemon chicken (actually got it from the prepared section at Trader Joe’s), a side of cauliflower rice, some avocado, and a salad.  It all looked great in its little sections on the plate, but when I had leftovers the following night, I decided to turn it into a bowl.  I might do it this way from the beginning from now on!

Start by sautéing one medium yellow onion (chopped) in a little butter.  Once it softens, add a bag of cauliflower rice.  I also added some salt here, but thankfully most of the flavor actually comes from the onion.  I was happy to see I didn’t need much more than that.

lemon chicken cauliflower rice bowl2

Once your cauliflower rice base is done, top with lemon grilled chicken, chopped avocado, and some shredded cheese.  You’ll see I put a few frizzled onions on top, but I actually don’t think you need them.  I thought they would add a nice crunch, but cauliflower rice has more bite than regular rice so you’ve already got tons of good texture goin on here.  Since these fried onion bits are the only unhealthy part of this, I say leave em out from now on.  I mean, unless you’re just like a frizzled onion fanatic, in which case, go to town.  I ain’t stopping you.