Sweet & Sour

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Sweet: Now that I’m on a different side of the business, I don’t participate as much in client entertaining events so it was nice to be included in a client dinner this week.  I’m glad I don’t have to be out as much as my old job required, but every once in a while it’s nice!

Sour: I messed up the heels on my nude pump.  Since I have yet to find a replacement pair, I have had to continue wearing them and feel very unsettled about being seen in public with damaged heels.  I even went into Century 21 this week to get some new ones.  While it should have been a piece of cake, they didn’t have a single pair of nude heels.  Very odd.  On the bright side, I did find a fabulous pair of floral embroidered booties.  They seemed an unnecessary purchase but the price was good so I purchased them without thinking, knowing I would never do it later in the season (where as luck would have it, I would likely be searching for something similar).  When I got to the register, I learned I had a $10 credit so I got my super cute booties for $39.99.  Still desperately need nude pumps, but I am LOVING what I wound up with!