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Tuna Salad on Everything Crackers

I recently discovered everything seasoned crackers at Trader Joe’s and find them to be the perfect vessel for either chicken salad or tuna salad.  This time I went tuna but added a few fun mix-ins to keep things exciting…or as exciting as tuna fish can be.

Mix a can of tuna with mayo and some fresh lemon juice to taste.  Add in capers and slivered almonds.  Done.  Spread on everything crackers and enjoy.

tuna salad on everything crackers1

I think this combo works particularly well because these crackers are basically everything bagel seasoned crackers, and we all know capers go super well with bagels.  If you’re nervous about the strength of the flavor in the crackers, I will say it isn’t overly salty or garlicy; in fact, the strongest flavor is caraway, which I think is nice in a cracker, don’t you?

tuna salad on everything crackers2

My tuna crackers were the perfect accompaniment to my arugula salad with haricots verts, avocado, and egg.

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