3 on Thursday

This week started out great.  I was just coming off of a fabulous weekend where I got to celebrate Halloween, go to Atlantic City for the first time, and enjoy a peaceful Sunday of tv watching in sweats with the sound of rain outside my window.  The week took a bad turn on Tuesday, however, when there was a terror attack just five short blocks from where I was sitting in my office.  No one I knew was hurt, but eight people have lost their lives in this awful act of violence.  It was crazy to see how quickly it went back to business as usual that day.  I guess that’s part of being a New Yorker.  I admire how the people of this city want to remain strong with a “we can’t let them win” attitude, but as someone who did not live here for 9/11, I admit this freaked me out a bit.  Thankfully, the rest of the week has been far more positive, and I have a fun weekend to look forward to with an annual bar crawl on Saturday and watching the NYC marathon on Sunday.

Looking back at my photos from my getaway in the North Fork, I’m realizing that we’ve almost entered game night season.  While I enjoy going out, I love hanging at home in comfy clothes with wine, a good movie, and a board game.

Two weeks ago, Gucci took over the center of the Oculus to promote their new fragrance.  It made the whole building smell amazing!  I always love seeing fun brand activations.  Sometimes, they also inspire me.  In this case they were handing out fragrance-coated gift ribbon.  This gave me two ideas: 1) how fun would it be to wear ribbon from high end brand shopping bags in my hair? and 2) spritzing a hair ribbon with fragrance is a fun little trick before going out.

My beau hates Halloween and almost didn’t come out at all, but I’m glad he did, because I thought our pig in a blanket costume was downright adorable.  I know he’ll go kicking and screaming, but I can’t wait to figure out what we’ll be next year.