Small Kitchen Cooking: Chicken Sausage with Tortellini

Chicken sausage is a lifesaver.  It’s already cooked so it’s easy to add to a meal.  Even easier to add to packaged tortellini, which already has tons of flavor built in.  In my tiny kitchen, this is starting to become a weekly go-to meal.

chicken sausage and tortellini1

Cook the tortellini according to the package directions while simultaneously warming sliced chicken sausage in a pan.  When the pasta has about 3 minutes left, I like to toss in some broccoli florets because we need to add some green to this meal.  When the pasta/broccoli is done, drain it and add the chicken sausage to the pot, and toss with a bit of your favorite pasta sauce.

chicken sausage and tortellini2

HOT TIP: any combo of tortellini and sausage works.  This time, I used spinach tortellini and sundried tomato sausage, but I also like to use jalapeno sausage and cheese tortellini.  Or butternut squash ravioli with sweet sausage and pesto instead of marinara.  Alfredo also works nicely here but that’s just too much unhealthy for a weeknight for moi.  Or peas instead of broccoli.  Options are practically endless.

chicken sausage and tortellini3
PS – Don’t be like me and forget the parm.  Rookie mistake.

Oh and since ravioli cooks up in 2-3 minutes, this entire meal – including slicing the sausage and boiling the water – was prepped and cooked in 10 minutes.  That’s not an exaggeration; I timed it.