Insta Obsessions: Foodies

Instagram is by far my fave social media network.  Not only is it a great way for me to feel artsy, I’ve discovered some great artists in the process.  Some funny, some poetic, all creative: here’s my list of ‘grammers to follow.

*Photo credits: Instagram accounts noted

First up in our Insta roundup: foodie accounts.  Some of these accounts are great for discovering restaurants, others offer cooking inspiration, and then there are some that just make me drool.

@foodbabyny – One of the best way to discover restaurants in the city is by watching this loving father Instagram his kid with the food.

@eatingnyc – Guilty food pleasures at their best.

@chelsweets – Chelsea’s cake decorating videos are mesmerizing.

@ailisbentobox – As someone who brings her own @planetbox to work, I love this account for lunchbox inspo.

@coffeecupsoftheworld – My daily coffee makes me happy.  My leisurely weekend coffee makes me even happier.  Looking at these cute coffee cups from around the world makes me happiest.

@cookinglight – I’m a big fan of Cooking Light magazine and I think they’ve done a very good job embracing this platform.

@howsweeteats – Like Cooking Light, this is the account for someone I follow on another platform (in this case, a blog), but I think Jessica has nicely translated her content in this space.  It’s pretty gorgeous food photography.

@infatuation – I don’t think everyone does a great job with the Stories feature, but The Infatuation has it figured out with their Restaurant Review Ride Along.  I particularly like my local version of the account (@infatuation_nyc), but follow this general account for equally drool-inducing pics if you don’t live in NY.  (Note: they have separate handles for all the main cities they cover, like Chicago, London, San Fran, DC, LA, etc.)

@noodleworship – This account is all pasta all the time.  Considering pasta and cheese are my two favorite foods, I find this to be a fabulous account.

@unbuttoningpants – These sisters document their foodie finds.

@skinnypignyc – Decadent, amazing food.

@symmetrybreakfast – This sweet man documents the visually stunning and always perfectly symmetrical breakfasts he prepares for himself and his husband each day.

insta obsessions - foodie - peaches_to_apples
And, of course, don’t forget to follow @peaches_to_apples for some of the best foodie content around!

Know of any other foodie handles I should add to my feed?  Hit me up!