Snickity Snack: Mozzarella + Everything Bagel Seasoning

So I had a whole fresh mozz appetizer planned.  Sundried tomatoes were involved.  There may have been some truffle.  And then I dropped half of my ingredients on the ground.  The only thing that could be salvaged was the huge ball of fresh mozzarella.  Knowing we were leaving town the next morning, I needed to use it that night and had to improvise a recipe.

The only spice I have actually purchased while in our tiny interim apartment is Trader Joe’s’ everything bagel seasoning.  I simply drizzled the mozz with olive oil, generously sprinkled the everything bagel seasoning over the top, and served with crackers.

And whaddaya know: it was delicious.  Trust me and serve this next time someone unexpectedly drops by.

mozzarella and everything bagel seasoning1