Gratitude 2017

As in years past, I am celebrating this Thanksgiving season by taking a moment to remember all the wonderful things in my life.  There is a lot of good going on, and I am very thankful to be so blessed.

gratitude 1 - skyline
Lovely views on my walk to work
  • Since last year’s Gratitude post, I have gotten married.  I still can’t believe it.  I am a WIFE!  I love married life and yes, it does feel different.  I am so happy to officially have a partner in this whole life thing we’re doing.  We go together like spaghetti and meatballs, and I love what we are building together.  Also, I’m thankful that we had pretty much the most perfect wedding ever.
  • My apartment sold for a nice little profit.  It’s so nice to feel like I have some security and do my part to contribute to our family’s little nest egg.
  • Another year has gone by and my nephew Brooks has that much more personality.  I absolutely love hanging out with him!  Even though it hurts a little that I’ve been demoted and he only ever wants to FaceTime with Uncle Albie, I love that he recognizes Albert as a true part of the family.  Reed is only 1.5 so he’s not chatting up a storm like Brooks yet, but I look forward to when he does.
gratitude 2 - gingko
Falling leaves; changing seasons
  • I discovered the best mascara.  It’s life-changing and not too expensive.
  • We have figured out the perfect order at a few of our favorite neighborhood restaurants.  It’s nice to feel like a local.  I look forward to establishing some roots at restaurants in our new neighborhood once we move.
  • I have gotten more physically fit in the last year.  It’s nice to feel like I have a handle on my body.  I also like how my body has been looking lately and am definitely less embarrassed when I get down to my skivvies.
gratitude 4 - truffle fries
Truffle mayo = french fry upgrade
  • Between Cuba, Italy, Punta Cana, and Chicago, we have been fortunate enough to do some amazing traveling this year.  We have had so many weddings/wedding related events over the last 4 years that we hadn’t traveled.  At all.  I’m very thankful I have been able to re-embrace my love of exploring. Also, it looks like the weddings are starting to peter out in 2018 so I anticipate lots more travel in my future.
  • I’m so lucky to live right by a great coffee shop.  Not only is it nice to support mom and pop shops, it’s good to have a direct link to high quality java.  I also really enjoy hanging out in coffee shops.  I feel so New York-y sipping on a latte, reading, maybe doing some writing.
  • I got a new iPhone this year and upgraded my storage.  It’s so nice not having to freak out about having too little space for my photos…because I love photos.
  • Speaking of photography, I gave myself a little wedding present of a nice camera and have been loving the upgrade it gives to my photo albums.  It’s also nice cultivating a new hobby and I’m thankful I was able to treat myself to something like that.

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gratitude 3 - latte
Happy latte