Gobble Gobble 2017: Million Dollar Dip

As always, I’m in charge of apps for Thanksgiving.  In recent years, when we’re dealing with toddler nap times and more running around than in years past, I’ve learned to keep things simple.  That meant it was finally time to try the 5 Minute Million Dollar Dip I’ve seen all over Pinterest for years.  I liked it because it’s basically pimento cheese that’s been cracked out.

Check out the recipe for exact quantities, but you basically just combine shredded cheddar with mayo, scallions, slivered almonds, and bacon.

million dollar dip1

Serve with pita chips or crackers and veggies.

Note: I made a few tweaks to the recipe.  I wanted it to be more like the consistency of my pimento cheese – not too gloppy with mayo.  I found that it worked best if you cut the mayo exactly in half (or, if you have a big crowd, double the cheese aka use a full block).  I also added some spice (jalapeno) because I thought it could use a little extra kick.

million dollar dip2

The almonds add great texture and the bacon is a ridiculous addition.  Why did I not think of adding bacon to pimento cheese before?!  The smoky flavor is like wowwwwww.

This is the kind of dip that gets mindlessly gobbled up.  Also, if you’re making it for Thanksgiving, I strongly recommend making a double batch because this will go great as a spread on those leftover turkey sandwiches.  TRUST.

million dollar dip3