Burrata with Sundried Tomatoes and Truffle Pesto

I’ve made a caprese salad with pesto before, but a caprese-ish salad with truffle pesto had never been done in mi casa.  On a recent trip to Eataly, I found this can of pesto with truffles from famed truffle purveyor, Urbani.  The can cost less than $5 and simply needed to be quickly warmed in a saucepan over low heat before topping fish, chicken, or pasta.  The label didn’t saaaaay it could top burrata, but I knew it would be perfect.

burrata with sundried tomatoes and truffle pesto1

While I warmed the truffle pesto, I set sundried tomatoes on a plate.  I’m not always a sundried tomato fan – I find them too tough and sometimes a little too sweet and tinny when you get them from a jar.  These, however, were freshly dried (also from Eataly) so I found them to be plump, softer, and slightly less sweet.

burrata with sundried tomatoes and truffle pesto2

I simply placed the burrata atop the bed of sudried tomatoes then drizzled the warm truffle pesto over the top.

burrata with sundried tomatoes and truffle pesto3

It’s only 3 ingredients but they’re 3 very good ingredients.  This made for an amazing appetizer while we decorated our apartment for the holidays….and I’m just now realizing it’s Christmas colors.  I was way more festive than I even knew!  But don’t think I’m reserving this dish for the holiday season.  I’ll be eating it all year long.

burrata with sundried tomatoes and truffle pesto5