3 on Thursday

So I am now officially in the thick of the holidays.  I tried to keep my schedule a little cleaner this year in an effort not to get burnt out like I did last year…but I was utterly unsuccessful this week, with a large event every single day.  I’m now working very hard to keep the rest of the month a little less crazy.

3 on thurs1_12.7.17

The Oculus has been decorated for the holidays and now features a cute little market with some great stalls.  I have a feeling I may be picking up a gift or two there.  I love the snow angel art pieces they have set up.

3 on thurs2_12.7.17

On Saturday, my friend Jourdan threw a Boob Voyage party – aka Ta Ta to the Ta Tas aka Thanks for the Mammaries aka Tits Been Real – and I’m just so in awe of her and her outlook.  After being diagnosed a while ago with the BRCA1 gene mutation, Jourdan has taken the brave step to have a prophylactic double mastectomy and make herself a previvor.  Has she been diagnosed with cancer yet?  No, but the BRCA1 mutation means she most likely will be in the near future, which makes it a scary diagnosis.  I applaud her for taking her health in her hands.  She’s really taking the power back in this situation.  This can be a traumatic and anxiety-inducing experience. (PS – please read that article I just linked to understand how awesome Jourdan is.) For a woman, breasts can be part of your identity.  Losing them can feel like you’ve been forever altered so this is not a decision that is made lightly.  I am so proud of Jourdan for putting her health first and taking this brave step.  I’m even prouder that she decided to throw herself this party as a way to make light of the situation (see the custom cupcakes she designed, above) and ease what is sure to be a scary transition.  Instead of wallowing, she is having fun with it.  And I’m even prouder of her still when, upon realizing she was going to have a big turnout, she turned her party into a fundraiser for the Basser Center and raised a ton of money to support BRCA research.

3 on thurs3_12.7.17

On Sunday, Rebekah and I went to a workout class and then to lunch.  We wound up at Sadelle’s where we both tried their everything 2.0 bagel along with our tower.  Neither of us remember this bagel flavor being on the menu before and agreed it was one of the best flavors we’d tried.  It’s the addition of fennel seeds and caraway that make it the 2.0 and it was great.  We even ordered an extra one to split.  It was an overcast, chilly Sunday so carbing up at a beautiful spot like Sadelle’s was great.  They’re known for their fish with the bagels being a mere vessel for all their “appetizing”, but this bagel is a definite winner.  Highly recommended!