When someone asks where you can find the best brick oven pizza in NYC, you’ll have a slew of people SWEAR Motorino is the place.  Those people may be correct.  Which is why it’s a shame I – a pizza connoisseur – had never been there myself.


I could list several reasons why I never tried the East Village obsession.  For starters, the lines were always so so long.  When there are so many great pizzas to be eaten, I didn’t want to wait outside.  And then there’s the fact that NYC is just a pizza mecca.  With so many other good options to distract me, I found myself forgetting about this one.  Whatever my reasons, the bottom line is that I just never made it there; and for that I am sorry.  I failed in my duties as a pizza lover.


The pizza at Motorino really is as good as they say.  It’s the crust.  It’s all in the crust.  It’s the perfect amount of doughy.  It also has a good char on it that turned my fingers black.  I respect a good char.  I also think it means they’re working with a good oven (pictured above).  The toppings are also great, namely the cheese.  The cheese on one of our pizzas seemed to have a high milk content that almost made it burrata-like.

Now for the pizzas: we ordered three and there were just two of us.  When they brought them over the server asked if we were waiting for someone else to join us.  Nope, just us.  Twice the other waiters walked by to remark how impressed they were that we would order three.  We said we weren’t concerned and were confident we could finish.  Spoiler alert: we ate it all.


The menu is divided into reds and whites.  We got one of each (the soppressata piccante from the reds and the brussels sprout with pancetta from the whites) as well as one of the daily specials.  The special was sausage with broccolini and fresh chilis.  After some consideration, I have decided this was my fave of the evening because each ingredient really seemed top notch on this one.  I already told you how great the cheese was; the broccolini was hearty, not stringy; and the sausage rounded everything out.  Those fresh chilis are tiny but pack some serious heat.  It actually gave me the hiccups but it was a hurt so good kinda thing.  It was a special so I can’t guarantee it’ll be there when you go but trust me when I say they’re all good at Motorino.

Now that Motorino has expanded, you don’t really have to deal with lines; and now that I’ve tried it, I know what I’ve been missing out on.  I’m all out of excuses.