3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

This has easily been the harshest winter we’ve had in a looooong time.  Lately, I’ve been too cold to leave the apartment and take advantage of the fun things the city has to offer.  It looks like our luck is starting to turn around, however, and there’s been a slight thaw so I’ve started getting myself back to the gym and into the kitchen.  I’m looking forward to a really fun weekend with family dinner tomorrow, Yacht Rock on Saturday, and whatever the heck I want on Sunday because we have a long weekend!!!

3 on thurs1_1.11.18

We rung in the new year at Shawn and Kathleen’s place this year.  Most of our friends were out of town and those of us who remained weren’t looking to go out and spend a ton of money, especially since it was absolutely freezing.  Shawn and Kat offered to host a party and we thought that sounded like a great idea.  We still got all dressed up, but it was nice to be able to hang out in one spot, indoors, without having to worry about cabs.  The fact that they’re some of our closest friends didn’t hurt either.  For the first time ever I didn’t buy a new outfit for the holiday and simply put pieces from my closet together in a new way.  I was all about the easygoing New Years Eve this year and it definitely didn’t fail me!

3 on thurs2_1.11.18

With temps way below freezing, we’ve been spending a lot of time at home, ordering comfort food.  True, I’m at the point where neither my wallet nor my waistline can handle that diet much longer, but it’s been nice having the hygge vibes of things like warm massaman curry over rice, eaten in comfy clothes.

3 on thurs3_1.11.18

My beau was such a good sport, sporting his shirt and cheering on my beloved Dawgs for the Rose Bowl and the National Championship.  The championship game was truly heartbreaking, but it was the most exciting season I can recall.  I can’t wait til next season!

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