Korean Beef over Rice

I’m calling this Korean beef, but really, it’s Korean-ish.  Thanks to a bottled marinade, I’m stealing the flavors of Korean BBQ for a super quick and easy supper.  It won’t replace my trips to K-Town, but it’s not too shabby in a pinch.

korean bbq ground beef over rice5

I was inspired to make this dish when I saw jarred Korean-style bbq sauce at Trader Joe’s.  I’ve used this sauce before, but only as a marinade for flank steak.  This time, I wanted to put some more planning into it and used ground beef as the main ingredient.  Note: this would work really well with ground turkey as well.

korean bbq ground beef over rice1

Start by cooking up some rice (I used quick-cooking brown rice).  While that’s going, start sauteing some veggies.  I used a package of sliced button mushrooms and the [sliced] white parts of about 4 or 5 scallions (reserve the green parts; you’ll use them later).  After a couple minutes, add 1 lb. of lean ground beef and brown it up.  Once it’s browned, the veggies will also be in a good place so this is the time to add in your Korean Style BBQ sauce.  Just eyeball it.  I maybe used half the bottle.  After about a minute, add shredded carrots.  You want to wait to add this veggie because you want the carrots to retain some of their crunch.  (Note: bits of sweet potato would be good here, too).

korean bbq ground beef over rice2

Let it all simmer for a few minutes so the sauce can reduce a bit.  It will still look a little soupy, but it will thicken as it sits…plus, you’ll want some of that sauce for the rice.  I served the beef mixture over rice and topped with the green parts of the scallions.  I wanted to add bean sprouts on top, but the grocery store was out (and I tried two places) so…oh well.  Bean sprouts won’t make or break this dish; it’ll only make a good meal better.  They add a great crunch, so keep that ingredient in the mix if you can find it at the store.

korean bbq ground beef over rice3

HOT TIP: This would be great served as lettuce wraps.  That’s actually how I originally intended it; however, my quirky beau prefers stuff like this served over rice if it’s being served at supper time.

Let’s be real: 90% of the flavor here is coming from the bottled sauce, so I gotta give TJ’s some credit.  I put it all together, though, so I’m giving myself a mini pat on the back.  Other than the rice (and you could even find microwavable rice to keep things extra simple), the whole thing is made in one pot so this is also a great small kitchen meal.