PSA: Rumble

Sometimes I think there’s a place you’ve just got to know about and my Public Service Announcements (PSAs) will give you the full skinny.

I’m very happy to go to my gym on the reg, but also love to mix it up with boutique classes.  I treat it as it’s own experience, like going to a movie.  Instead of spending $35 at happy hour with a friend, we spend the same amount and sweat together.  Or I’ll do this in lieu of happy hour since this chick don’t need to be hittin the bottle too many times per week.


Rebekah (and several of my other friends) have been raving about Rumble so I went with her to give it a shot.  She knows I like Barry’s, and this is basically the same thing with boxing instead of treadmills for the cardio half of class.  In fact, the founders were star trainers at Barry’s so they know what makes a kick-ass group fitness class.



First off, the look of the place: There’s a red/white/black color scheme going on.  (It’s like that old riddle “what’s black and white and re[a]d all over?” only this time the answer’s not a newspaper.)  There’s art made out of boxing gloves at the check-in counter, murals of hip hop and nyc legends, and a giant gold Buddha.  When it comes to the locker rooms, they’ve supplied it with some great smelling products (Nubian’s African Black Soap) that are also great for your skin.  Basically, it’s nice and modern with all the bright lights to get you pumped about the sweet workout you’re about to experience.


Now let’s talk about that sweat.  At the start of class, half the group is in front of punching bags and the other half is in front of workout benches for strength training.  You’ll swap back and forth for a total of 45 minutes for an amazing HIIT workout.


I’ve never boxed before so trust me when I say this is totally easy to pick up.  At the beginning of class, you’ll learn the six punches, and I found their special water-filled teardrop bags great in terms of resistance.  You have to wear wraps (they sell them for $6) and can rent gloves for $3 so don’t fret about getting yourself outfitted before class.


What I loved:

  1. Such a great workout.  I was sweating my booty off (hopefully literally).
  2. They electronically project the moves you’re supposed to be doing on a banner around the room so you don’t have to worry about falling behind.  (Sometimes at Barry’s I can’t hear the instructor over the music and don’t know what to do next.)
  3. The energy!  The music is awesome – tons of great hip hop and the lights are low.  I was really able to get in the zone and it helped that I didn’t have to be concerned about people seeing me mess up during my first time.  Our instructor, Noah, was amazing and kept everyone engaged.  I later found out he’s the founder of Rumble, so it makes sense that he was great.  Based on how good I felt afterwards, I’ll definitely look to book his classes in the future.