What’s Cookin?

All the things on my radar in this first month of 2018


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Love the classic cheeseburger at Ruby’s.  Also love that they use butter lettuce and watermelon radishes in their basic green salad.
  • Restaurants:
    • I’ve really leaned into the poké trend.  In fact, I love to get it every Friday from my favorite spot, Sons of Thunder.  One day – ONE DAY – I intend to make it to Hawaii, home of poké, and sample the dish in the place that makes it best.  I’ll use this as my guide.
    • I haven’t been to The Sosta yet (the fast casual pasta spot), but it’s on my list, more so now that they’ve set up a series of monthly collabs with a line-up of all-female guest chefs.
    • Because there’s always a part of me that does it for the ‘gram, here’s a list of some of the newest Instagram-worthy spots in NYC.  Note: Some aren’t exactly new but perhaps new to you fine readers.  I’ve been to 5 of the 11 on the list and hoping to cross two more off soon.
    • I had a really great experience at the Freehand hotel in Chicago, so I was very excited to look at from my taxi cab on Friday to see that there is one opening in NYC!  It looks like they’ll have another outpost of the Broken Shaker bar that we liked, as well as a restaurant from Gabriel Stulman (the guy behind Jeffrey’s Grocery, Fedora, and Bar Sardine).  Welcome to NYC, Freehand!  AND there will be another location of The Smile (one of my fave spots) there.
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Fancy cocktails
  • Cooking:
    • Ummm a Jack and Coke chocolate sheet cake?  Could any cake be more me?!
    • I’ve already figured out several of these uses for Everything Bagel Seasoning, but there’s some solid inspo here.  There is nothing this seasoning blend can’t do.  If it’s ever discontinued I’ll freak out.
    • I guess the keys to crispy baked chickpeas are draining/drying them well and peeling the skins.  The peeling doesn’t sound like the most fun chore, but it still looks simple enough so I might have to try this.  I’d love to set these out at all times so a healthy snack is always easy to grab.
what's cookin - jan 2018_2
Slippers, coffee, and a book: how I spent almost the entire long MLK weekend

Food for Thought:

  • Because the book is always better than the movie, here are 19 to read before the films release in 2018.  I have already read 4 and have no interest in reading (or seeing) two or three of them; however, consider the remaining on my TBR.
  • I know it’s far away (9 whole months ugh), but I am so excited about the Harry Potter exhibit that’s coming to NYC.  I can’t wait to geek out.  While I wait for it to open, I think I might re-read all seven books.
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Theater ceiling

Bits & Bites:

  • My beau truly thinks reality shows are single-handedly responsible for the downfall of society.  I really only watch the Real Housewives (and only 4 of the cities at that), but I loveeee it…and that’s the one he thinks is worst of all.  Here’s why we’re so addicted to this genre of television.  I hope he’s reading this because overall, the experts agree reality tv ain’t so damaging after all.
  • Living in NYC, you typically don’t have enough room to build a full bar.  Who’s going to sacrifice a closet or nursery for a bar?!  With limited space, a bar cart is the best option, and I’m liking this roundup of bar cart styling options.  It’s smart to think of this corner of your home as themed and tricking the cart out with books, candlesticks, and other fun knick knacks.
  • Living a suuuuper long life doesn’t necessarily appeal to me.  I have no desire to stick around once I’m no longer mentally or physically active.  That said, this article about the geographic areas where people live the longest (and why) is super interesting.  I don’t need to live til I’m 100, but it seems like this offers some clues for an overall healthy lifestyle.