Fine & Rare

One week ago, I planned the BEST Friday night date night.  We started with dinner and drinks at Charc, then went to see a movie, and finally hit up Brandy’s, the iconic 35-year old piano bar.  It was the perfect combo of relaxing and fun, and all spots are within a 3 block radius.  I knocked it out of the park.  But I shouldn’t have given myself a pat on the back so early in the evening because when we got to Brandy’s, there was actually a line, something I’ve never seen there before.

fine & rare4

I was bummed to have to pivot, but my beau had an ace up his sleeve.  He kept the theme of live music alive by taking me to Fine & Rare, a one-year-old Old New York gem on 37th between Madison and 5th.  This place is a Mid-Century Modern dream.  I couldn’t stop looking at things!  The artwork is unique and stunning.  There are old ticket windows from Grand Central, bronze latticework partitions for some glam, and booths that look like they are just waiting for Betty Draper to sit down and order a crab salad.

fine & rare1

We didn’t order any food, but we did try the cocktails.  They can make a smoked Old Fashioned (with several smoke options) or plenty of other finely mixed drinks.  I tried a cold winter toddy made with bourbon, allspice, honey, fresh lemon, Angostura bitters, and Bruichladdich Islay oat.  Albert went with an old fashioned, first a regular (pictured) and then a smoked one.  The cocktails are not cheap ($15-$20), but they sure are good.

fine & rare6

The drinks may be pricey, but you’ll be sipping them to the sounds of live Jazz.  Unlike those downtown clubs, you won’t pay a cover.  I felt like I was in another era and loved every moment.

fine & rare5

Fine & Rare comes to us from the same people as the Flatiron Room so they know what they’re doing.  And just to make sure I know what I’m doing, I may have to check out one of their classes (the Scotch 101 for $85 looks great).

fine & rare2