3 on Thursday

I’m sure I’ll soon stop thinking of my new job in terms of how many weeks I’ve been here but for now things still feel so new that I’m very much aware of this being week number three.  This past weekend was a relatively lazy one, thanks to an abundance of rain.  I was coming off an extremely busy week so it was nice to spend a lot of time on the couch.  While I don’t have anything major on the agenda for this weekend, I’m guessing I’ll be ready to spend a little more time outside the apartment.

3 on thurs1 - 2.15.18

I spent all of Saturday inside my apartment – on the couch, specifically.  I spent the evening, however, at Rebekah’s apartment.  Three of us gals just sat around chit chatting and snacking on a cheese plate.  We didn’t have much booze on hand and when we finished our bottle of vino nobody felt the need to go out in the rain for more.  Still, I didn’t get home til 2 AM.  I can’t remember the last time I stayed up all night talking with girlfriends when alcohol wasn’t involved.  It was really nice and something I definitely needed.

3 on thurs2 - 2.15.18

I’m not the kind of person who lives for Valentines Day, but this year my beau and I decided to actually make plans for the 14th.  We went to Eataly and hopped around their various restaurants, eating amazing fresh food and drinking delicious vino.  It’s actually what we always used to do for our anniversary, which fell on 2/4.  Now that we’re married, it seems silly to celebrate our dating anniversary (two anniversaries – how greedy!) so Valentines Day was a nice excuse to celebrate being a couple around the same time of year we’ve been accustomed to.  Plus, I’ll take any excuse to go to Eataly helloooooo.  I’m not usually one for pink on pink on pink, but I happen to really like this floral arrangement at Eataly’s rooftop bar.  It still feels winter-y without being either dark and moody or winter white.

3 on thurs3 - 2.15.18

Flatiron at night is just lovely, don’t you think?