Considering how obsessed I am with Eataly, it should come as no surprise that I’m no stranger to their rooftop bar.  What you may be shocked to learn is that I’ve never been to their Baita version.  While I’ve been to Sabbia (when they transform the area into the Italian seaside, spritzes and all) plenty of times, I somehow always miss it when they convert the space to the Italian Alps.  I was so determined to make it this season that I even put it on my winter to-do list, making it official.


While we’re not huge Valentines Day people, my beau and I have grown accustomed to celebrating our anniversary in Early February.  Now that we’re married, we have a new anni, but it was still nice to enjoy a nice evening around this same time of year.  As we always do on our Eataly nights, we hit up 3 of the restaurant stations downstairs, carrying a bottle of vino with us as we go; however, this time we started at Baita.


I loved seeing how they converted the space.  Gone are the bright colors and cabana vibes.  Now, pillars are draped with faux fur and you’re basically inside a ski lodge.  It felt extra cozy.


Not only does the decor change, but the menu is seasonally appropriate, as well.  Now there’s a polenta bar, raclette, and other Alpine yummies.  On the night we were there they were only serving from a limited Valentines Day menu, but I intend to go back to try the food when we have full run of the menu.

I also really liked the updates to the drink menu.  It seemed longer in general and the cocktails were great.  During the summer there are lots of spritzes, which look fun, but I find them too sweet and not boozy enough for my taste.  I tried the pear me up, which was made with bourbon, mezcal, pear, brown sugar simple syrup, lemon, and fresh nutmeg.  It was a perfect winter cocktail.


I might not be able to spend much time in the mountains, but this apres ski life serves me just fine.