What’s Cookin?

Yup, it’s still wintertime

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  • I had no idea Nom Wah does an all-you-can-eat-and-drink deal.  Now I just have to corral a group of 10 folks and make a reservation.  $55 for unlimited quantities of some of the city’s best dim sum and all the beer/wine I can drink?!  Sign me up.  Note: Nom Wah was the one that surprised me, but there are several great deals on this list – and with quality food, no less – so read through the whole thing.
  • I love this list of the best bars for bookworms.  Heaven!  I have no idea how I’ll ever make it to some of this (especially the one on a cruise ship), but consider it a goal.


what's cookin - feb 2018 - 1
A French bakery window all ready for Mardi Gras

Food for Thought:

  • Have you heard about 24 in 48?  It’s already happened for 2018, but there’s no reason it can’t be completed on your own.  I love learning about all the different reading challenges out there and like that this one isn’t about books read over the course of an entire year.  This is more of a readathon where you read for 24 out of 48 hours, broken up however you want.  Who would be down to try this?  If so, you may get your chance in July…
what's cookin - feb 2018 - 2
Lovely architecture in the neighborhood

Bits & Bites:

  • Utter these three magic words to make all experiences better, even the really crummy ones…especially the really crummy ones.
  • I like Elsie’s take on the evolution of Instagram.  Have we gone from spontaneous photo capture to hyper curated accounts with very specific color stories and now back to a more capricious approach to posting?  And yes, I agree, that different types of accounts should take different approaches – personal ones should be treated differently than those for businesses or bloggers.