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Squish Marshmallows

We’ve seen doughnut shops…and fro yo spots…and pudding places…but here is a spot that sells just marshmallows.  Squish Marshmallows on St. Marks churns out batches of unique hand-cut ‘mallows that make for such a sweet treat.

squish marshmallows4

The space is mostly white…like a marshmallow.  Honestly, the space seems larger than it needs to be.  You don’t really need much room to sit and eat a marshmallow.  You can eat one while you stand in line and the rest you’ll likely take to go.  That said, they do have some great coffee/hot chocolate toppers so it’s a great alternative to meeting a friend at Starbucks.

squish marshmallows1

I was loving their flavor selection.  All flavors come as regular or chocolate-coated.  For the regulars, you have the option of getting them torched on the spot for that campfire goodness.  I decided to get three so I could try each style.  I first chose a gingerbread that I had toasted and ate on the spot.  To go, I got a plain pb&j and a chocolate covered banana pudding.  Every single flavor was great.  I think the pb&j would have been great toasted though so the peanut butter chips could get a bit melty – I would actually recommend that for any flavor that has any sort of chocolate chip in it.

squish marshmallows3

Not only do these marshmallows look cute, they taste fabulous.  I also happen to think they make a great gift.  Try bringing these instead of a bottle of wine next time you go over to a friend’s place.  Or just get them for yourself.  Stick one on a skewer and hold over the burner of your stove to take your homemade smores to the next level.

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