The Dutch

Everyone is so shocked when I mention I’ve never been to The Dutch.  Well now they can pick their jaws off the floor because I’ve finally tried this nice lil Soho restaurant that’s been around for something like 8 years.

the dutch6the dutch1

I liked the vibe of the place.  Lots of white painted brick and large globe lights.  They’ve got some industrial vibes going on but keep the whole place feeling bright by taking advantage of the prime corner spot.  The large bar wasn’t necessarily anything so different, but for some reason I found it beautiful.  It felt like classic Americana.  I also liked it because that’s where my yummy drink came from.  I’m not entirely sure what was in it, but I know there was tequila and goodness.  Maybe it was the ocho manos?  It was good, whatever it was – and all thanks to our server who was on top of the suggestion game.  He was great at helping me choose a drink and my main course.

the dutch2

I could also describe the food as classic Americana.  We were there for brunch and all the expected items made the cut: steak and eggs, breakfast sandwich, omelette, pancakes.  My beau got an omelette with a side of bacon.  I’m not into omelettes, but I could tell it was perfectly prepared in the French style – nice and fluffy.  I am into bacon, and this bacon was super thick and crispy.  Albert said it was almost like jerky.  That’s a good thing.  I was having a hard time choosing between the turkey sandwich and the sausage egg and cheese sandwich.  In the end, I went turkey because the waiter said it was lighter, and he was very much correct.  I saw the sausage egg and cheese walk by later and it was a beast of a sandwich.  It looked amazing, but not something I was prepared to tackle on Sunday.  My turkey sandwich, on the other hand, looked large but was not at all button-busting.  The roast turkey was thinly sliced so while it looked like a massive pile within the bun, there was a lot of air in there.  Also, avocado and herb mayo have a way of endearing any sandwich to me.  I also enjoyed the fresh greens that came as accompaniment.

The only thing I didn’t love were the prices.  Look, this is one of Andrew Carmellini’s restaurants.  You know it’s going to be delicious.  There is barely a difference in price points between the lunch and dinner menus.  While I would not have balked at these prices for supper, $22 for a sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich seems a little crazy.  The prices didn’t exactly match the chill brunch vibe, but all in all I enjoyed my food, was pleased with the service, and loved the people watching.  Successful brunch that I’ll have to turn into dinner when I won’t complain about the cost.

the dutch5