Windy Ridge Café

Here’s a no brainer: when you’re on a ski trip, it’s cold.  I, for one, crave comfort food when it’s cold out.  That’s what made Windy Ridge Café such a great spot.  Not only does it serve up classic comfort food in a super relaxed atmosphere, it’s away from Main Street so it’s a good place if you’re looking for something quiet.  Here, nobody will rush you through your meal, it’s super family friendly (without sacrificing quality), and you can expect large portions at low prices.

windy ridge cafe2

The first thing I noticed was the reasonable prices, both for food and alcohol.  This is a rarity in a ski town.  Take advantage.

windy ridge cafe3

All the food we ordered was delicious.  My mom and dad split a burger, Albert got something that was a cross between a Kentucky Hot Brown and a full Thanksgiving dinner (open faced turkey sandwich over mashed potatoes with cranberries and gravy), and I (not being hungry) got a side of brussels sprouts and a cup of Southwestern corn chowder.  I thought the brussels sprouts were a liiiiittle heavy on the balsamic, but LOVED the soup.  I wish I had gotten a full bowl.

I had received a heads up to order dessert because they source them from their own bakery down the road.  We all split the banana cream pie, which was comprised of banana mousse, butterscotch custard, house-made cinnamon sugar graham cracker, and whipped cream – all layered in a jar.  It was like a banana pudding/cream pie combo.  It was not hard for us to polish off the whole thing.

windy ridge cafe6

Fun fact: they offer family style meal packages to-go.  This is a great idea if you’re on a group trip.  How nice would it be to enjoy a legit meal (i.e., not pizza) in your sweats, from the comfort of your mountain house (made of stone and wood beams, of course), with a cold beer or glass of wine?