3 on Thursday

What a week!  Even though spring has officially started as of this week, here in NYC we were hit with a pretty big snow storm on Wednesday.  I, for one, am ready for this weather to be over and done with!  I have some pretty exciting plans lined up for this weekend, though, so I’m still in a good mood, despite this prolonged winter weather.

3 on thurs1_3.22.18

On Saturday we celebrated St. Patty’s Day!  As a native Savannahian, this holiday is a pretty big deal.  Even though I wasn’t able to go home, I made sure to celebrate.  After a fun 305 class, I met up with Amanda for brunch at a fave spot.  Note: if you’re into bloodies, the dry aged bloody mary at Quality Eats is stellar.  After a calm brunch, did some light shopping (we both picked up a pair of the same denim shorts – twinsies! – that reminded me summer will eventually arrive) and then went to watch Ben DJ in the middle of the St. Patty’s madness.  As evening fell, Albert joined us and we all grabbed supper at Flex Mussels, a place I’ve been trying to take him to for years.  Was it a long day? Yes, but it was a great one.

3 on thurs2_3.22.18

Times like these call for ramen and pork buns.  Ramen is not my go-to Seamless order, but it was so perfect for this cold, dismal weather.

3 on thurs3_3.22.18

My nephew, Reed, turned 2 on Sunday!  I was so bummed to miss the party – especially because they had a bouncy house AND an ice cream truck.  I gotta tell ya, kids have it so good these days.  While I got a ton of pics from the party, I particularly liked this one my Mom sent me from the Friday prior.  At the boys’ preschool, they do a cute little service every Friday and as the bday boy, Reed was offered a special spot up front.  Since he was nervous, my other nephew, Brooks, held his hand and they went up together.  Seeing them together like that is PRECIOUS.  There is something so special about a sibling relationship and these brothers have such a cute bond.