I’m still getting used to the whole fancy Southern food thing.  Taking food that was always served in my house for easy, cheap meals and turning it into an upscale dining experience is delicious but strange to see.  Maysville is one of the restaurants doing just that in New York City and the results were, overall, pleasing.


Thankfully, I’m super prepared to write this blog post because Jourdan and I fully dissected our meal during our Uber ride home.  We didn’t agree on everything, but we saw eye to eye when it came to dessert and the most definite thing I can report is that it was the best thing we ate throughout the meal.  [More on that later.]


First, I have to mention the cocktails.  When the restaurant’s tagline is simply “Food & Bourbon” (note: my two favorite things), you have to order some bourbon.  No problem for me since that’s my fave spirit.  I went with the Old Smokey, which was made with bourbon, vanilla, and smoked rhubarb amaro.  It was strong (read: not a problem for me) with some good smoked action.  It was similar to an old fashioned and my kinda cocktail.  I also tasted Jourdan’s hound dog made with grapefruit, honey, and mint.  It was an easier sipper and delicious.

Now, here’s the rundown of me and Jourdan’s very serious post-meal discussion.  While we were all interested in the short rib entree, they were sold out so we basically decided to order every appetizer and share – we were all gravitating toward that section of the menu and had lamented only getting to try one or two if we had all ordered traditional entrées.  Tapas for us!

  • Cornbread Sticks with Hot Honey: Jourdan didn’t love the texture and thought it was a bit dry.  I happened to think it was perfect consistency.  We agreed, however, that the cornbread should have been a bit sweeter and the honey needed to be a bit hotter.
  • Shrimp Toast: We agreed this wasn’t necessarily a standout dish, but it was a good bite, especially with the comeback sauce.
  • Deviled Eggs with Ham Zest and Green Onion: Agreed these were just fine but didn’t taste vastly different from the ones any of us could (and do) make ourselves at home.  Had there been more ham zest this could have been a memorable dish.  As is, nothing special.
  • Roasted Beets with Kabocha Squash, Smoked Pepper Yogurt, Puffed Grains, and Root Beer Vinaigrette: This could have used a little more yogurt and I wish the puffed grains were crispier, but we both thought the beets themselves were cooked perfectly and had a great flavor thanks to the vinaigrette.
  • Steak Tartare: The consensus was that this was a very good tartare, with nicely sized pieces and almost creamy in texture.
  • Gumbo: I thought there would be more rice, but the roux was nice.  Jourdan thought it was salty but liked it that way.  One of the better items we tried.
  • Cheesy Grits Croquettes: This was Jourdan’s favorite item.  She thought it was the most unique.  It wasn’t necessarily unique for me, but that doesn’t mean I disliked it – it just didn’t shock me.  I actually really liked dipping it in the sauce that came with the shrimp toast.
  • Maple Bourbon Crème Brûlée: I rarely order dessert but am a sucker for crème brûlée, which has been my favorite dessert since I was a kid.  This was a particularly good version and everyone agreed it was the best thing we ate all night.  For someone who doesn’t often order dessert, I considered getting a second one of these.