Mediterranean Steak Sandwiches

My beau does not like to eat sandwiches for supper, but I just thought this combo of ingredients was too good to pass up.  The good thing is, it can be deconstructed and turned into a salad or platter so you can still enjoy the flavors without the sandwich.  (This is exactly what Albert did.)

mediterranean steak sandwich1

The first thing you’ll do is cook your steak.  Flank steak is ideal, but I used sirloin and sliced it thin.  Now it’s time to assemble.  Spread roasted spicy hummus onto flatbread.  Note: for best results, warm the flatbread in a pan, grill, or even the microwave for best results.  Next, add the steak.  Then top with diced cucumber, tomato, and cornichons.  It’s my version of an Israeli salad.  Finally, drizzle with some feta dressing.  I found mind at Trader Joe’s, but it would be easy to make your own by blending feta, Greek Yogurt, garlic, white wine vinegar, and pepper.

mediterranean steak sandwich2

These flavors totally work together.  The spicy hummus is cooled by the dressing and together those two make a perfectly textured sauce.  In general, this was just a super satisfying sandwich.  If you don’t want to cook a steak, this would be equally delicious with deli-style roast beef.  I prefer steak because I like it warm…and because it’s STEAK, but switching it to roast beef would make this super cheap and even more small kitchen friendly.

mediterranean steak sandwich4