Corner Social

I was ELATED when my beau suggested we spend Sunday checking out the new apartment (he had actually never seen it) and getting brunch in our new neighborhood.  I was so excited for him to start getting a better feel for the area and for him to finally see the place we’ll soon be living in.  While I knew a bunch of restaurants in the area, I didn’t want to make specific plans, favoring the whole “stop whenever we see something good” method.  I thought that would give Albert a better chance to explore and identify with the neighborhood.  The winner was Corner Social, which we were drawn to by the gastropub look and the lively crowd we could see through the window.

corner social1

The crowd wasn’t at all rowdy, just dressed way trendier than we were.  That said, you can see how it could get bumpin if the tide is right, especially with their lineup of DJs.  It might seem like it veers toward trendy, but there are quite a few tvs at the bar that make it good spot to watch sports (always a consideration right now with March Madness happening).

corner social4

As for food, there’s something for everyone on this menu.  It’s mostly nice takes on comfort food classics, often with a Southern skew.  I gotta tell ya, moving to Harlem has to be the right move for me for the food alone.  While I’ve spent the last decade in NYC trying (and often failing) to scout out the type of food I grew up eating, it seems every restaurant in my new neighborhood preps the food I’m familiar with.  At Corner Social, you’ll find shrimp and grits on the menu, along with chicken and waffles.  I could not be happier that this is the norm in this area.  I had to go all the way to New York to find a neighborhood that feels like Savannah…who would have guessed that?!

Albert ordered the skirt steak and eggs (which he ordered scrambled).  The steak was nicely cooked and the garlicy spinach mashed potatoes were flavorful, creamy, and not lumpy.  I ordered the crab cake and eggs (I went scrambled with cheese) and was a little nervous when I saw it come out.  The crust around the crab cake looked hard and thick, making me think it was going to be lots of breading, little crab.  The second I cut into it, I realized I was very wrong.  It was basically all crab with the only breading being that outer crust, holding it all in.  The aioli and guac was just enough to give it a little something extra but without overpowering the crab cake – because nothing should take away from crab’s star power.