3 on Thursday

After a whirlwind Saturday last weekend, I’m surprised that I’m willing to fully book myself up with activities this Saturday – there’s just too much I want to do!  It should be a good weekend…which will take my mind off the fact that Passover starts on Friday evening.  It’s never been a favorite holiday, but I always dealt with the terrible dietary restrictions because of the fun Seder that always kicks of the 8-day observance.  This year, however, since we’re between apartments and because the holiday falls on Easter, we won’t get the opportunity to celebrate in the same way.

3 on thurs1_3.29.18

Saturday was kinda crazy.  We were invited to several events and didn’t want to miss any of them, which is how we came to attempt what many thought would be impossible: three parties in three boroughs.  We started in the Bronx, attending Woodlawn St. Patrick’s day.  It was one week after the actual St. Patty’s Day, but the large Irish population really turned out for the festival.  It was so much fun hearing live Irish music and hanging with Shawn, Kathleen, and some of our other friends.  From there, we went back to Manhattan for Lindsay and Jason’s going away party. actually had our own mini party of just the four of us about two hours prior to the actual event since it was scheduled to start at the same time as party number three.  We toasted them and wished them luck on their move to Philly, very sad to see them leave.  From there, we went to Brooklyn where Gaines through a surprise engagement party.  I am SO thrilled for him and Jenn – they make such a wonderful couple, and I’m honored we got to celebrate with them.  The photo is grainy, but I still love how it shows her surprise and happiness.  I can’t wait for the wedding!

3 on thurs2_3.29.18

I’m still in shock that we managed to successfully make it to all three parties on Saturday and even more shocked that I then managed to wake up early and go to a 305 class – my first of their advanced classes.  I’m happy to report that I was able to keep up like a proper 305 Junkie.

3 on thurs3_3.29.18

The renovation process in our apartment has finally begun!  This week I went to Tilebar to choose tile for the master bath and kitchen backsplash.  They had so many cool options – it made me wish I had more surfaces to tile!  I also can’t wait to show y’all the final product when it’s all ready to be unveiled.  Expect some renovation/decorating posts in the future!