La Pecora Bianca

I’m so used to seeing dark wood in restaurants lately due t that I was extra thrilled to walk into La Pecora Bianca and see light wood and mint green.  I was there with some family friends who were visiting from Georgia, and found it to be the perfect place for a young couple, like my beau and I, to take two of my parents’ buddies.  First of all, it’s Italian.  You can’t really go wrong there – everybody loves Italian.  It’s also lively without being overly loud and has a good cocktail menu.

la pecora bianca2

La Pecora Bianca isn’t the kind of place you’d identify as your favorite, but it’s a solid, pretty option in the NoMad area when you want Italian but don’t want to deal with Eataly.  I thought the meat and cheese plate was on the small side (Albert said the same about his swordfish entrée), but I enjoyed my coffee and thought the fresh tagliatelle with beef and pork bolognese was simple but quite tasty – definitely something I would get again.  I also like that you could get a glass and a half portion of wine.  Not sure it actually saved money, but I like having the option.

la pecora bianca1

Go to this place to enjoy the cute atmosphere and the pasta, which is definitely the star of the menu.