Sweet & Sour

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Sweet: We started work on our new apartment!  It took forever to actually purchase the place and then it was another long wait to get the building to approve our renovation proposal, but we’re FINALLY moving forward.  Now I really have hope that we’ll be moved in soon!

Sour: The renovation process is extremely overwhelming.  I went from sitting in a holding pattern to needing to make practically all the decisions at once.  Sure, that can have the effect of getting me to just make a choice and stop waffling over options, but mostly it just stresses me out by forcing me to choose before I’ve even had the chance to look at the options and research.  Also, having to do it all at once means I’m seeing a lot of money all fly out the door without a moment to breathe and re-build our finances.  At least it means it’ll all get done; hopefully, I’m still happy with the finished product despite the rushed nature of the process.