When I realized there was an entire restaurant devoted to mozzarella, my heart nearly stopped.  Dreams do come true.

Obicà is actually a chain restaurant with a bunch of locations around the world, but you wouldn’t know it based on the decor.  It’s got a nice long bar that’s nice for after-work drinks and a private room downstairs that works really well for small parties.  But now for the real reason we’re all reading this: the mozz.


We got a bunch of things to share because we wanted to build our meal around the “Mozzarella Experience” and weren’t sure we needed a bunch of individual entrées after that…and how can you not get the Mozzarella Experience when such a thing exists?!  The experience itself comes with two types of mozz: a burrata and then your choice of regular or smoked buffalo mozzarella.  It also comes with flatbread, sweet caponata, pesto, tomatoes, basil, olives, mortadella, prosciutto, and salami.  Overall, it was a good platter.  The burrata was great, but I will say I’ve had better quality regular mozz.  It was good but for a place called a Mozzarella Bar, I would have expected the best.  The pesto was yummy, but I wish there were more olives and fewer grape tomatoes.  There were a ton of basic grape tomatoes just thrown on the plate.  Not roasted, not heirloom…just…blah.


Next we ordered the brussel sprouts with crispy speck and pine nuts.  Good.  Then we tried the arancini, which looked like nothing special but were extra creamy and delicious.  That was probably the best surprise of the evening.


Finally, we got the truffle, prosciutto, and ricotta pizza, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.  Great flavor.


Considering it’s right across from Eataly, I can’t say Obicà is the best Italian place in the neighborhood, but we all really enjoyed our meal, loved that it was calm/easy to get into, and liked that the final price for all of the above with a bottle of wine, tax, and tip was $68/person.