Small Kitchen Cooking: Buffalo Chicken Sausage Brussels Sprout Hash

Brussels sprout and chicken sausage hash has become a go-to in my small kitchen.  It’s so easy to create a one-pot meal that healthy and delicious this way [see: here and here].

Buffalo Chicken Sausage Brussels Sprout Hash4

When I saw buffalo style chicken sausage in the grocery store, this recipe very quickly came together.  If you’re a buff chick fan, this will likely be right up your alley since it’s got the flavor with less of the guilt.

Simply sauté shredded brussels sprouts in olive oil with salt til they get nice and bright green, just like the above left pic.  Then add in sliced buffalo chicken sausage and chopped bell pepper (I like using the yellow bell pepper because colorrrrrrr).  If you can’t find buffalo flavored chicken sausage, simply buy a more basic sausage flavor and add buffalo sauce.  Honestly, I didn’t think the sausage I bought was buffalo-y enough so I still added some sauce.  Once it’s done, drizzle with some blue cheese dressing (or ranch if that’s your style).  If you’re really trying to be healthy, you can find yogurt based blue cheese dressing that’s not nearly as bad for you.  You know, if that’s your thing.

Buffalo Chicken Sausage Brussels Sprout Hash6