3 on Thursday

This week has some good energy!  This is the week where I could finally sense our new apartment is coming together.  We stopped by on Sunday (a perfect way to spend our first anniversary – checking out the place where we’ll establish our new life together) and could see the progress that’s been made.  There is still a LONG way to go, but this was the first time it was easier to visualize it looking like a real place.  I think my beau was relieved, as well.  It was only the second time he’d seen the apartment and he looked way more comfortable than the first time, which was just two weeks before…months after we’d bought it.  It’s looking way less like a crack den now.  This week we also pulled the trigger on some design decisions so I can really start to see it coming together as a home and it makes me giddy!  All that home stuff just put me in a good mood, especially when paired with some nice weather and successfully discovering a sale that helped me purchase some much needed clothing for our upcoming Mexico trip.

3 on thurs1_4.12.18

Yes, this picture is dark, but I still love it.  We spent Friday night at the Yankees game – my first of the season.  Shawn discovered a great deal on standing tickets for $8 that come with a beer.  It was a great way to spend a Friday night.

3 on thurs2_4.12.18

Our first anniversary was on Sunday, and I truly can’t believe we’ve been married a year.  We celebrated on Saturday night with one of our favorite activities: hopping around Eataly.

3 on thurs3_4.12.18

I already told you about my gift to Albert here, but his gift to me was equally fetch.  He got us tickets to Mean Girls the Musical (and on opening night, no less)!  I am a die hard Mean Girls fan – it’s actually a top 4 favorite movie for me – so this was the perfect gift.  The show stayed pretty true to the movie with some cute modern updates that bring it into 2018.