Tuna Avocado Mayo-less Salad

I’ve seen a lot of chicken salads on Pinterest that are made with avocado instead of mayo.  I was…skeptical.  I love avocado, but couldn’t believe it could serve as a replacement of the condiment my Southern heart so desires.  But this week I decided to throw caution to the wind and test out the method (with tuna rather than chicken).  Why?  Because it had to be healthier than a mayo version and I have to be in a bikini in two weeks.

Tuna Avocado Mayo-less Salad1

Ok.  I have to say it.  This was awesome, and I was so pleasantly surprised.  This turned out just as creamy as normal tuna salad and had tons of flavor.  I think (?) it was healthier.

Tuna Avocado Mayo-less Salad3

Simply mash together one can of tuna (packed in water) with half an avocado.  Fresh herbs (I used chervil and tarragon) add flavor and chopped cucumber and pine nuts add crunch.  Two quick swirls of olive oil along with lemon, salt and pepper finish it all off.  I served it in romaine lettuce hearts and was super happy.  It might look a little strange with the muted green hue, but does tuna fish ever not look strange?  Try it, please.