Peachy Pork Tacos

When I saw a smokey peach salsa at Trader Joe’s, I thought it would actually work better as a marinade or sauce than as an actual salsa that’s paired with chips.  I also, obviously, thought “tacos” when I saw the word salsa.  The wheels were turning.

peachy pork tacos1

The jar suggested it would pair well with pork, and I thought that was a great idea.  While I’m guessing it would be great poured over a pork tenderloin, I don’t have an oven, so that was out of the question.  Instead, I decided to make some stovetop pork tacos.

Brown 1 lb of ground pork with the 2/3 jar of peach salsa.  Easy peasy…also, why have I never thought to use ground pork for taco night?!  Once it’s done, serve in tortillas with sour cream, bean sprouts (a unique, non-bell pepper way to add crunch), avocado, and shredded cheese.  I actually think queso fresco would be great on this but the store was out and this shredded blend did the trick.  Also, we had some spicy white queso dip (so bad for you but so good) that I drizzled over the top of one of my tacos.  That may have been the best pairing of them all – sweet and smoky peach salsa with the spicy cheese sauce was a winner.  Overall, a super simple taco preparation that I’ll definitely make again.

peachy pork tacos4