3 on Thursday

Wowwww what a week.  We moved into our new apartment on Monday night and it’s not quite done.  We’re roughing it.  I’m not exaggerating.  Not only do we not have furniture, there are no countertops and not a single sink.  We’re making a memory!

3 on thurs1_5.2.18

One of my last meals before the move was my absolute favorite neighborhood spot (and one of my favorite places, period), Sons of Thunder.  I love my #PokeFriday nights where I get takeout from my beloved Sons and enjoy it with a bottle of wine and trash tv.  It’s a favorite pastime.  I’m sure I’ll find other go-to spots in our new neighborhood, but I don’t know if any of them will be able to beat that one.  

3 on thurs2_5.2.18

I was also deeply sad about my last trip to Perk.  This coffee shop opened right when I moved to the neighborhood, directly across the street from me.  Since one of my priorities when apartment hunting has always been proximity to a coffee shop, this was a godsend.  I love having a cozy environment where I can spend weekend afternoons, reading and writing and Perk was great for that.  Though I didn’t think it was possible for Perk to be more convenient, when we moved into our temporary spot for the last six months, we actually moved into the exact same building that Perk occupies.  Since our coffee pot was packed away, I took to increasing my Perk habit from weekends to daily. (I know, I know; I could have just bought a new pot for $20, but this was more fun.)  All of a sudden, the baristas knew me and made conversation when I stopped by.  Lately, they even started preparing my drink as soon as they saw me walk in the door, before I even had a chance to order.  One of my somewhat secret goals has ALWAYS been to become a regular someplace(s).  I finally achieved that at Perk just as it came time to leave.  I’ll miss Perk and having such a haven so close.  Thankfully, I’ve already found a spot in our new neighborhood that I’m low-key obsessed with, but Perk will have a place in my heart forever.

3 on thurs3_5.2.18

One of my favorite traditions is that of the move-in night meal.  Every time I’ve ever moved into an apartment I seem to get there before my furniture does.  I have always gotten pizza from a nearby spot and enjoyed it with wine on the floor.  This move was no different, except for the fact that we ate our pizza with some fancy champagne.  Though it was dark (in addition to no furniture, we don’t have all our lights installed yet), it was a great first night in our new home.