Patsy’s Pizzeria

There are a whole bunch of Patsy’s around NYC, but only one has the distinction of being the original, and that’s the Patsy’s in Harlem.  They say this is where thin crust New York pizza started.  Lucky for me, it’s just a few avenues over from our new apartment.  Since I ALWAYS spend the first night in a new home eating pizza on the floor (due to the lack of chairs), I picked up a pizza from Patsy’s on my way home.

patsy's pizzeria1

There’s a full restaurant, but if you’re looking to get pizza to go, you go to the little window a door over.

Note: both the restaurant and pizza window are cash only.

patsy's pizzeria2

This place ain’t fancy.  If I didn’t know of it’s fame, I’d probably be a bit creeped out since it’s not exactly clean.  And it’s in a sketchy strip of town so maybe don’t walk around alone at night.  But none of that matters because it’s delicious pizza.  And this is coming from someone who didn’t even have the chance to eat it piping hot.

The topping choices are solid.  They don’t have button mushrooms, only portobellos and the meat is seasoned well and comes in big chunks.  The crust is thin and perfectly cooked in their coal oven.  I got a whole pizza – half pepperoni, half sausage and mushroom – and we ate every single slice.  Not only was it delicious, it was cheap.  The whole pizza, even with all those nice toppings, set me back exactly $20.  If You wanted to host a party with a bunch of cheese pizzas to feed a crowd, those are only $11 each.

patsy's pizzeria5