Sweet & Sour

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Sweet: We officially moved into our new home this week!  It is so cool seeing the place come together and exciting (and a relief) to like the design choices we made.  I have also loved exploring our new neighborhood.  I worked from home on Tuesday while the office went through some repairs, and it gave me the opportunity to walk around our new area a bit.  I have to say, I completely fell in love.  It checks every box – and then some.  Also, there is MAJOR renovation progress happening today while we’re at work.  I can’t wait to see the place when we get home tonight.  (More details on what it’s been like til now are in the “Sour” part of this post.)

Sour: We planned our move-in date around the completion date of our renovations.  Unfortunately, things didn’t finish up in time so we moved into and apartment that had not a single sink.  For nearly a week, we’ve been brushing our teeth in the shower and leaning over the bathtub to wash our hands.  We also can’t unpack our things since they have to remain corralled in the center of one room while the work is being done and the finishing crew can later do a final clean up.  Oh and since we don’t have furniture yet and the countertops were late to arrive, just like the bathroom vanities, we haven’t had a single surface in the entire apartment.  If you want to put something down, the only place to put it is the floor.  Finally, we didn’t install air conditioning yet, which we realized was a big mistake when a surprise heat wave hit yesterday.  It hasn’t been the easiest environment to live in, but we’ll be done soon!