3 on Thursday

Today is my birthday!  This bday kinda snuck up on me with all the craziness of travel + new job + new housey.  Also, because of all those things, it hasn’t seemed that important to celebrate – I got bigger fish to fry!  Candidly, it was a little hard to get excited to celebrate my birthday with Albert at a work event tonight, a bachelor party this weekend, and most of my friends out of town.  But things are turning around!  My beau’s event was cancelled so we’ll be going to dinner at a favorite restaurant and while he’s celebrating the groom-to-be, I’ll be heading to DC for a fun weekend with my bestie.  We always spend our bdays together, and this year should be no different.

3 on thurs1_6.7.18

On Sunday we went to a favorite place: Arthur Avenue.  It was too gloomy to go to the park so we figured we’d enjoy the day walking around The Real Little Italy and stocking up on meat, cheese, and fish.  While we didn’t realize it, we must have always gone to Arthur Avenue on Saturdays…and all the stores are closed on Sundays.  Thankfully, Mikes Deli was open so we could get our favorite sandwiches, but since we couldn’t make any other stops the trip was probably not worth the round trip train fare.  That said, it was a great excuse to get out of the apartment and walking around.  I still felt like we made good use of our Sunday and I didn’t feel like a complete lazy bum.  And now we know for next time that Sundays are a no-go when it comes to Arthur Ave…good thing we figured it out on a day when we went alone and didn’t convince friends to join us only to be disappointed!

3 on thurs2_6.7.18

Because Albert and I both use electric toothbrushes, we cant fit into a standard toothbrush holder.  I had been looking around for something suitable and was coming up with nothing until I thought to use these mugs that we had in our cabinet.  They match the decor perfectly and I love anything monogrammed so I’m a very happy lady.  Our master bathroom is almost done and I love seeing how it’s coming together, especially with the more personal touches like this one.

3 on thurs3_6.7.18

Since we’re talking about things that make me happy on my birthday, this pic definitely qualifies.  My mom sent me this photo of BrooksMan two days ago and I love seeing him revel beachy wonder.  He had just dug a big hole and was surprised and proud of his own efforts.  Matt and I were always more hole diggers than castle builders when we spent our summers on the beach in Hilton Head, and I love seeing that this guy is the same.  How happy does he look?!  This is what summer should be.