Daily Provisions: Ice Cream

When I took my job at the beginning of the year, I said I would go to Daily Provisions alllll the time.  Everyone spoke so highly of Union Square Hospitality Group’s neighborhood café concept that I figured I would be picking up sandwiches all the dang time.  But after 5 months at this job, I hadn’t gone a single time.  I blame it on the fact that it’s not directly on my route to/from work so it’s not top of mind.  Oh well.

daily provisions2
Love these adorable milk jugs and their labels

But then this week a co-worker had an ice cream craving and suggested the 2 block walk to Daily Provisions to get our fix.  Ice cream?  That place is just for sandwiches, crullers, and coffee, I thought.  But no!  Turns out theres also booze, fun picnic meal take-aways, and gourmet ice cream.

I was extra excited when I arrived to learn that the ice cream is Salt & Straw, a Portland ice cream shop that I’ve read about through some LA-based bloggers (where they also have storefronts).  People are obsessed with this stuff.  Their flavors are classic (double fold vanilla, fudge brownie, sea salt caramel) and super unique (pear and blue cheese, avocado and Oaxacan chocolate, honey lavender, black olive brittle and goat cheese).  There’s something for everyone.  Currently they’ve got a chef series going with ingredients like duck crackling, ras al hanout, pickled rose petals, and humbolt fog cheese).  There’s something for everyone.

daily provisions5

Until this week, I had no idea I could get Salt & Straw in any form in NYC, so I was thrilled to discover I could finally try it, albeit in a much more limited fashion.  I went with the roasted strawberry and rye.  I assumed it was going to be rye like whiskey, but it was actually rye bread, mixed into the batter.  I would have liked a few more bits of actual strawberry in the mix, but overall it was absolutely delicious.  The ice cream itself was super creamy and the strawberries offered the sweetness while the rye offered both the savory and texture.

daily provisions6

Now I just want more.  More Salt & Straw!  Please come to NYC for real, dear scoopers!  But if not, I’ll settle for my mini outpost…and maybe I’ll actually try the sandwiches next time.