Garlic Butter Rice

As my Mom always says: rice is niiiiiiice.  Here’s how to make it even nicer with zero effort.  Turn it into garlic rice.  The best and easiest way to do this is with garlic butter.

garlic butter rice1

Cook your rice as you normally would.  When it’s done, melt butter with finely minced fresh garlic in the microwave.  Toss the garlic butter with the rice.  If you feelin frisky, add some fresh herbs (chives…parsley…they all work).

garlic butter rice2

Because the butter is melted, it incorporates nicely.  It gives it a little lip smackin quality.  The herbs are a nice touch but only if you happen to have them lying around.  Butter and garlic should ALWAYS be in your kitchen so you have no excuse to leave your rice being all boring.

garlic butter rice3