Hop House

Every neighborhood needs a taproom, and Hop House is ours in Harlem. Though it’s got beer in the name, this place seems to be super family friendly.  More than half the people we saw there had brought their kids.  After all, I’m sure watching your children is way more fun when you can enjoy a locally sourced brew while doing so.

hop house1

I was still recovering from a wedding the night before and decided not to have any beer…but I’m also not a beer drinker so that’s a-ok.  That said, they have a full bar, including a nice wine list so I would actually be very happy to imbibe here under normal circumstances. I would be particularly happy to drink here during one of their happy hours – they have some solid deals of drinks and snacks at this place.

hop house3

In addition to serving tons of local beers, there’s also a solid food menu.  Albert ordered a pepperoni pizza with hot honey.  The pep was nice and thick and the sweet drizzle was nice.  It didn’t look like it was going to be the best pizza, but tasted good and had a nice enough crust.  I ordered the caesar salad and gazpacho – it was a crazy hot day so I could only bring myself to eat cold things.  The gazpacho was completely pureed so if you’re someone who avoids this chilled soup because of the chunks (too much chewable raw onion and garlic is never good) this could be for you.  The best part: diced avocado on top.  The spicy caesar was good as well.

None of the food is groundbreaking, but it’s solid and the atmosphere is nice.  For a beer bar, the menu is beyond standard, which makes it a great place for a chill, casual meal.