What’s Cookin?

Summer is flying by, amirite?


  • Restaurants
    • It’s long been a bucket list goal for me to visit Brighton Beach.  I’m really hoping this is the summer I can go (after all, it’s only a subway ride away), and I intend to use this as my restaurant guide to the Brooklyn area known as “Little Odessa”.
    • Move over Sprinkles cupcake ATM!  I’m way more into this pecan pie vending machine.  I’m not into cupcakes but I can get down on an all-hours pecan pie
  • Cooking
    • This isn’t exactly cooking, but it’s about drinking at home, so I think this list of reasonably priced wine clubs is worth a mention here.
    • Cooking and serving a whole fish is such a baller move.  That’s a restaurant dish right there.  I’ve always been intimidated, but this recipe and how-to has me thinking maybe I could do it.
    • It’s rosé season.  It’s also spritz season.  Love this cocktail that combines both.
    • Yup.  This everything bagel mac and cheese is getting made.
what's cookin - july 2018_2
Getting ready for a delicious family style meal on Arthur Avenue with friends


Food for Thought

  • Were you as charmed by the Madeline books as I was as a child?  If so, you’ll enjoy this article (thanks for sending, Mom!) that details how the beloved books came to be.
  • Though Gone Girl wins the popular vote, my favorite Gillian Flynn novel has always been her debut, Sharp Objects.  I’m so excited the HBO miniseries adaptation is now airing.  Who’s watching?
what's cookin - july 2018_1
Iced coffee and a seat on the subway for my Friday commute

Bits & Bites

  • A feature I love about our new home are the window sills.  They’re not massive, but they’re certainly deeper than anything I’ve ever had before.  I’m looking forward to decorating them in interesting ways.  Reading nook, plant shelf, and art display are currently top of the list and I’ve been using this and this as inspiration.
  • My lifestyle has always been a little to crazy for me to commit to something like a workout plan…also, they scare me.  The intensity of BBG is terrifying, but when you look at these results from Rachel Parcell and Caitlin Coving I’m tempted to buy the app and start the program.  Who here has done it?!
what's cookin - july 2018_3
Discovering a beautiful spot in Morningside Park