Sugar Hill Creamery

Thanks to a foodie Insta account I follow, I learned about Sugar Hill Creamery even before I moved to our new Harlem neighborhood.  Not only is it Harlem’s only family run ice cream shop, it’s right by our new housey AND it’s delicious.

They’ve only been open a year, but I hope they’re here for years to come because it’s a great place to bring the whole fam, especially with the small kids corner, complete with chalkboard.  Basically, this shop is exactly what I love about our neighborhood – it’s a truly local place, opened to bring a real sense of community to this community.

sugar hill creamery8

Speaking of community, they do classes here.  And these classes go way beyond how to make ice cream.  In the past, they’ve had gingerbread house decorating, a discussion about homeschooling, an evening with Christola Phoenix, and a new moms group.  I love that they’re creating a space for things like this!

sugar hill creamery2

But now for the ice cream, the real reason we’re all reading this post.  The flavors change seasonally and have “regular” ones like vanilla bean and salted caramel crunch and some more unique combos like strawberry basil and roasted corn with jalapeno.  There are a lot of cobbler type flavors in the case right now, being that it’s summer and all.  My beau got a pint of blueberry cheesecake to take home, while I was deciding between the roasted corn jalapeno and soursop, which is apparently Caribbean jackfruit.  The second I tasted the soursop (sorbet) I had to have it – it cooled me down on such a hot afternoon.  I added sprinkles to my cone because it just looked FUN (and actually paired well with the sorbet flavor.

sugar hill creamery3sugar hill creamery7

Finally, since it was such a hot day, I couldn’t pass up a cup of the strawberry time lemonade.  So refreshing!

sugar hill creamery9

Sugar Hill Creamery is a gem in our neighborhood.  This was actually my first ice cream cone of the season and now I feel like summer has really started.  Though I have a feeling I won’t be restricting my Sugar Hill Creamery visits to the summer…