3 on Thursday

This week has been a big one for home improvements.  We got ourselves unpacked enough completely and have, therefore, been able to move onto the Task Rabbit stage of things.  Over the course of 3 visits from the handyman (number 2 being tonight) we’re getting things hung and assembled.  We’ve also finished ordering almost all our furniture and have gotten moooost of the way decorated.  The biggest thing left to do is to get throw pillows.  I’m happy we’ll be in a good place for our first guests (!) even if it won’t be entirely perfect.

3 on thurs1_7.19.18

On Sunday we hit up the Morningside Heights location of Book Culture.  While they don’t have the “blind date with a book” table that I loved so much at the Upper West location, but they do have this lovely little table for letter writing.  The handwritten note is a lost art, and I love that they’re supporters.

3 on thurs2_7.19.18

Good things always come in packages tied up with string.  In this case, the package contained a bunch of buttery cookies I picked up at Egidio Bakery on a recent Arthur Avenue trip.

3 on thurs3_7.19.18

There was a steam pipe explosion this morning (right next to my office) that seriously disrupted my commute.  Miraculously, not a single person was hurt.  Since this wasn’t a tragedy, it was just one of those times where I got to say “New York: never a dull moment.” When there’s no harm, these moments just add a little extra excitement to an otherwise dull day.