Shrimp Tacos with Slaw and Sriracha Ranch

Shrimp tacos topped with slaw is a winning combo.  Type shrimp tacos into Pinterest and every result includes slaw.  In fact, I usually see the same one or two recipes.  That’s why, when this was the very first hit, I was intrigued – one I hadn’t seen before!  I immediately bookmarked it to make last night since my beau requested shrimp tacos and salad for Taco Tuesday and what baby wants, baby gets!

Shrimp tacos with slaw and sriracha ranch3

I followed the recipe pretty closely…except for the fact that I accidentally bought parsley instead of cilantro.  No matter, still tasty (and less polarizing since 50% of the population hates cilantro).  With parsley, the flavor is less traditionally Mexican, but the fresh herbs keep it tasting fresh and bright.

Shrimp tacos with slaw and sriracha ranch4

Overall this was a super easy dish to pull together with just 3 components:

  1. Shrimp (seasoned with 3 pantry staples of paprika, cayenne, and garlic powder)
  2. Slaw (buying pre-shredded cabbage makes this extra simple)
  3. Sauce (just sriracha and ranch…couldn’t be easier)

Shrimp tacos with slaw and sriracha ranch5

I love that this slaw isn’t a creamy one.  Especially since the sauce isn’t mixed into the slaw, you use less of it so this is a pretty healthy taco dish overall.  The honey balances out the jalapeño nicely and the apple cider vinegar makes it just a bit sour, which is unexpected and nice.  And you don’t have to sell me on sriracha ranch – hey girl heyyyy!

Shrimp tacos with slaw and sriracha ranch6