Lido’s website says “the atmosphere is elegant but convivial” and I have to agree.  We went as a group of 5, and when we found ourselves sitting around a round booth looking out on the rest of the restaurant, convivial was certainly the vibe without being rustic.


The drinks are a great place to start.  If you’re there for brunch, you can get yourself bottomless mimosas.  We were there for dinner so I got myself a La Pera (vodka, pear nectar, St. Germain, and prosecco) – it was strong and thankfully not too sweet.  I’m real into St. Germain lately.


We then ordered a bunch of apps to share around.  First was calamari, which was a plate of nice large rings but generally standard.  Burrata is always good, especially when it’s served with prosciutto.  I’m not into fruit with savory things, so I like that the sweet ingredient on this dish was fig because it’s easy to eat on its own.  We also got the veal meatballs, which were tender and delish.  The crispy parmesan cheesy garlic bread sounds like a throwaway item, but it was crazy good.  I would be happy to make a meal out of that and the meatballs.  The biggest app star, however, was probably the parmesan polenta fries with black olive aioli.  They were super crispy on the outside but still way creamy on the inside.  And that dip just worked to make me a very happy gal.


For entrées, my beau got a pepper crusted filet mignon with asparagus, potatoes, and cognac cream sauce.  Here’s how I know it was good: when out drinking, he usually loses his appetite, trading it for another beer and fun conversation.  Here, he ate the whole thing.  I had a bite of the steak and can attest that it was quite good.


I went the small plate route, getting a wedge salad (light dressing, good quality blue cheese) and the pea risotto that was cheesy, springy, and delicious.

While there were several items I’m dying to reorder (those polenta fries, yes please), I also really want to work my way down the menu. Lido has certainly earned itself a return visit.