3 on Thursday

I haven’t gone out after work, but this has still felt like a busy week.  We did an at-home movie night (maybe a little indulgent for a Monday but fun), this morning I did my third workout of the week while also doing three loads of laundry.  Tomorrow I’m skipping town to meet my beau in Boston – he’s there for a week for work and I’ll join for a quick two-night getaway.  I booked my travel very last minute but am really excited about it all of a sudden.

3 on thurs_8.2.18_1

I’ve discovered a great bagel place in our neighborhood – I honestly think it might be my favorite in the city, and not just because I live so close.  Last time I was there, I had the foresight to pick up extra to stick in the freezer so Liz and I had a delicious breakfast of avocado toast (on a bagel) when she was here without even having to leave the house.

3 on thurs_8.2.18_2

Our housewarming invites went out this week!  It makes this whole new housey thing even more real.  It’s also definite motivation to complete the last few decorating items on my to-do list.  Sadly, I already know that about four of my besties won’t be able to make it, but it looks like we’ll still have a good crew to help us warm our home.

3 on thurs_8.2.18_3

We’ve had guests two weekends in a row so I’ve gotten fresh flowers two weeks in a row.  We don’t have guests for the next few weeks…but I may keep the fresh flower thing going.  Or perhaps it’s time to get some plants for the window sill?