Sexy Taco Dirty Cash

Yes, our neighborhood has a place called Sexy Taco Dirty Cash.  It’s actually not as cringe-worthy as you would imagine, given the name.  In fact, it’s kinda fun.  Our neighborhood has pretty serious Mexican.  Turn one way out of our housey and you’ll be in Spanish Harlem, after all.  The interesting thing about this place, though, is that you get to it by turning the other way out of our apartment.  Instead of legit tacos, you’ll find some fun twists on the menu.  There’s one that incorporates rice-a-roni, for instance.

sexy taco dirty cash2

But first the vibe.  There are marquee light signs and bright colors everywhere.  That just made me want a fun drink and when I saw the menu – filled with some interesting boozy bevvies – it took me a mere second to choose the right one.  I saw one titled Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which, as many know, is the name of the book (and subsequent movie) that put my little hometown on the map.  It’s made with chipotle infused mezcal, cynar, lime, agave, and bitters.  It was like a way better margarita.

We were starving and decided to get a couple apps.  We ordered chicken wings and spinach crab queso.  Neither sounds like what you would order at a Mexican joint, but both were good.  I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed the wings, which had a slight jerk flair to them.  The queso was more like basic spinach dip (didn’t really taste the crab).  Again, not what I normally get at a Mexican restaurant, but who doesn’t lap up spinach dip?!

sexy taco dirty cash5

The tacos come in orders of two (a 3rd can easily be added) and are actually a good size.  They’re definitely more than the two-biters you normally get at trendy taco spots.  We got the chicken à la cubano (pulled chicken braised in tomato, wine, and adobo), the jerk shrimp (with pineapple salsa), the fried cod (with slaw and remoulade), and the steak.  I didn’t try the shrimp because I’m not a huge fan of fruit salsas and overall it seemed to be the group’s least fave.  The others were actually all tasty.  The chicken cubano and cod were my two faves – I’d definitely order again.  The tortillas weren’t amazing.  They were like the basic flour ones you get at Publix.  When you’re so close to Spanish Harlem, why wouldn’t you take advantage and get the real deal tortillas?  The filling and overall fun vibe made up for it though.

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican, this is not the spot.  If you’re looking for fun Mexican? Sexy Taco Dirty Cash is a good option.