3 on Thursday

I hope everybody’s Labor Day weekend was as nice as mine! There was a bit of everything: some partying, a bunch of football, a little chill grilling time, and a park day. We closed out the weekend with a nice, healthy home cooked meal on Monday evening so it was easier to get back into a routine.

On Saturday I hit up a 305 class before settling in for an afternoon and evening of football (UGA was at 3:30, followed immediately by ND). Because of the time my class ended, I knew the bar would be insane by the time we got there and I just didn’t want to deal with that. Instead, since all our friends were out of town or doing their own thing, we got some game-watching snackies (hello Atomic Wings) and enjoyed the games at home. It may not have been the rowdy experience we’re accustomed to, but I made myself a dirty martini or two and had a blast.

Matt and Karina invited us over Sunday evening for Supper and we jumped at the chance to enjoy an extra summery meal with some of our favorite people. Since Labor Day is the summer’s swan song, we made sure everything was grilled and farm fresh – and eaten al fresco, of course. Yes, there was plenty of vino (no work Monday hey hey hey), but it was nice to feel like we were getting out and enjoying life in a sort of chill way.

My beau had been dying to go to the park on Sunday, but the weather wasn’t stellar. It was overcast til about 3:30 so we decided to switch it up and go on Monday instead. I’m so glad we did because the weather was way nicer. We found a great spot near a huge tree at the top of the Great Lawn and spent hours reading, picnicking, and soaking up the sun. It was the perfect way to spend the last day of the long weekend.